1. It’s Neither Handsome, Nor A Mystery

    You’ve heard the saying “beauty is in the eye of the beholder.” Well, when it comes to title character Gene Handsome, the beholder might have a different opinion than most. But what Gene lacks in good looks, he makes up for in super-sleuth mystery solving abilities, and quirky wit, so it all w…Read More

  2. Sandler Shines As Sandy Wexler Hits Netflix

    Adam Sandler is one SNL alumni who has made a name for himself on the big screen. Sandler endeared himself to the masses through his popular comedic portrayals of Opera Man, Canteen Boy, and Cajun Man, but his original songs (The Chanukah Song, Lunchlady Land) took him to new levels of hilarity. Aft…Read More

  3. Say Ja To You Are Wanted

    If you’re a fan of the old Kung Fu movies of the 1970s, you might be interested in Amazon’s newest offering. You Are Wanted, which debuted in March, is a rarity in the world of television; in more ways than one. (more…)…Read More