Adam Sandler is one SNL alumni who has made a name for himself on the big screen. Sandler endeared himself to the masses through his popular comedic portrayals of Opera Man, Canteen Boy, and Cajun Man, but his original songs (The Chanukah Song, Lunchlady Land) took him to new levels of hilarity. After so-called “graduating” from SNL, Sandler lit up the marquees in movies like The Wedding Singer, Billy Madison, and Anger Management, among many others.

A Real Life Portrayal

Once seen as the funny guy who made it big, Sandler’s popularity has waned in recent years. But, thanks to Netflix, he’s making a comeback. Sandler signed on with Netflix to ensure 8 original films over the next few years and though reviews are mixed for the first 2 movies, number 3, Sandy Wexler, might be the strongest portrayal we’ve seen out of Sandler in a while. Sandler pays homage to a man who he’s known since age 22; his real-life talent agent Sandy Wernick. It’s a portrayal that only Sandler could pull off, having known and been close to Wernick for so long, and he does it well. Of course, Wernick was far more successful than the gags-for-laughs Wexler and that’s what makes this movie better than the last few Sandler has done.

Going Back To The 1990s

As a Hollywood talent agent who has a handful of not-so-talented clients (a ventriloquist, a daredevil), Wexler stumbles upon real-life talent in the form of singer Courtney (Jennifer Hudson). As he rises from near-obscurity to a success, we take a fun ride as Wexler rolls with his changes. Sandler makes Wexler not only believable, but eventually likeable. Loads of roles and cameos include Vanilla Ice, Paul Riser, Coin Quinn, Kevin James and Jane Seymour, among others. And the flash-back-to-the-1990s scenes that include overly huge cell phones, newspaper stands (fully equipped with now-defunct Newsweek and George), Arsenio Hall, and Beavis & Butthead will tickle the funny bone of Gen-Xers everywhere.

Funny And Worth The Watch

Overall, this is one of the better movies that Sandler has made in a long time and it’s good to see him doing what he does best. Is it funny? Sure. Are some of the funny scenes borderline cringe worthy? You bet. Is it worth the watch? Absolutely. You might have a few eye-rolling moments and you might find it runs a bit on the long side (131 minutes!) but since you can watch it from the privacy of your own home, you can hit the pause button and resume when you’re ready. And that’s what makes Netflix’s Sandy Wexler a winner.

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