If you’re a fan of the old Kung Fu movies of the 1970s, you might be interested in Amazon’s newest offering. You Are Wanted, which debuted in March, is a rarity in the world of television; in more ways than one.

Action And Intrigue

Yes, it’s chock full of action, but it’s also full of intrigue, something that the 70s movies lacked. The plot revolves around hotel manager Lukas Franke (German actor Matthias Schweighofer) who discovers that his identity has been hacked during a city wide blackout. As if that isn’t enough to get the party started, it turns out that the hacker (or hackers) is hell bent on making Franke out to be a terrorist with a penchant for making bombs. And…action!

It all goes downhill from there for Franke as his bank account, job, family, and reputation are compromised and his life is thrown into chaos. As others abandon him, he finds solidarity in another victim of the hacker, Lena Arandt (Karoline Herfurth) and together they try to track down the bad guys and get their lives back.

Say What?

It’s full of mystery, suspense, and dubs. Wait; what? That’s right, the show is German after all, from cast to production. Streaming in over 200 countries worldwide, most get subtitles but a select few get dubbed: English, Italian, Spanish, and French. And this is why those from the 70s will recognize the familiarity of the mismatched mouths. Does it really make a difference in the overall production value? Not really. There is still enough meat on the bone to keep even the most stringent viewer tuning in.

Though dubbing can be annoying, so can subtitles. There’s no perfect balance, but when you’re trying to watch the action scenes, isn’t it better to hear what’s being said than having to read it at the bottom of the screen? Amazon hopes so, anyway.

Tapping The German Market

The fact that this is a German-based show is really what makes it different from other shows on television and this could be the first step in a new direction for Amazon. After all, the story is relevant and universal; it could happen to anyone in any country and the outcome elsewhere could be even worse. The fact that it revolves around the digital world makes it akin to other hot shows like Mr. Robot or Person of Interest.

All six episodes are currently available on Amazon Prime so if you’re looking for a good binge that’s chock full of adventure, or if you just want to see how the dubbing looks, say “ja” to You Are Wanted.

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