We loved Walter White, but without Bryan Cranston, he just wouldn’t have been the same. Chances are, it’s Cranston that gives us so much pleasure on the screen, big or small. So it’s a good thing that you’ll find him in the Amazon Original series Sneaky Pete which he not only acts in but also co-created.

Cons And Convicts

It’s a lot about gangsters, convicts, and conmen who are out for themselves and out to get each other. Originally created for CBS, viewers can be thankful that it passed and Amazon had the sharp senses to pick it up and give it that extra freedom that only a streaming service can give. And with a cast that is so invested in their roles (and damn good at them, too) you’ll be just as invested from episode 1.

The Imposter Plots

The plot is nothing new. Gangster Vince (Cranston) gets gangster Marius (played by the brilliant Giovanni Ribisi) thrown into the slammer. There, Marius plots his revenge while listening to cellmate Pete (Ethan Embry) ramble on and on about his idyllic childhood with his grandparents and cousins. Ever the creative con, Marius takes on the persona of Pete when he gets out of prison and endears himself to a family that has not seen “Pete” since he was a young lad. From there you can imagine where things go as Marius plots and plans while fitting in with a family he never had.

Everyone’s In On It

Cranston’s Vince appears in some capacity in every episode, never overbearing, but always a pleasure. You’ll forget about anyone he’s ever played because he plays Vince with such depth and character that you’re drawn into the new story and plot from the start. And the rest of the cast reads like a credit role from a Hollywood movie with Michael O’Keefe, Malcolm Jamal-Warner, Jacob Pitts, Libe Barer, and Marin Ireland, to name but a few. The best part is, they all work together to make things a bit more suspenseful, a bit more problematic, and a bit more fun.

Sneaky Pete has wrapped up season 1 and is on the way to season 2, so catch up while you can. It’s the next best thing to Breaking Bad but with more drugs and thugs to keep you busier than ever.

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