Boy meets girl, boy and girl have a madly passionate romp for a week, and boy and girl decide to make a go of it when the girl gets pregnant. Where it goes from there is anyone’s guess, but it won’t be easy.

One Plus One Equals Three

Amazon Original Series, Catastrophe, stars Sharon Horgan (Man Up; Pulling) as Sharon Morris, a bored school teacher who stepped out and did something crazy and wild by having a week-long one night stand with a man she didn’t know. That man being Rob Delany (Life After Beth; Comma, Period.) as Rob Norris, a traveling ad-man whose on-the-road seductive ways have finally caught up to him. The chemistry is spot-on between these two, and that might have something to do with the fact that they not only star in the show, the write it.

Season 2 Hijinks

This is season 2 of Catastrophe, as season 1 went so swimmingly well. And if you’re expecting to see a whole lotta change in just 2 seasons, you’ll be pleased with the turn of events. As season 1 dealt with the pregnancy revelation, commitment issues, and trying to make a relationship work between 2 people who have no clue about each other, season 2 plunges you ahead by a few years to a married couple who not only have a toddler but another newborn baby together. This is where the show relates to anyone who has any kind of a life with kids; the joys, the fears, and the humor that you need to get through it all.

Getting Real

Rob and Sharon trade zingers with the ferocity of a Hostess Bakery, and the viewer simply needs to get the popcorn and enjoy; maybe even learn a little something. It treads water with some heavier issues without really diving into them, such as new-Mommy fears, family vacation mishaps, and friendship breakdowns, but the show does it with humor so as not to get too wrapped up in itself. It’s a romantic comedy, with more comedy and realism that the viewer can identify with. Rocky roads come with plenty of bumps, and making up comes with plenty of laughs.

Great Support

The supporting cast is superb and leads to the realism of the show. The late Carrie Fisher is a nostalgic joy to watch as Rob’s mother, and friends of all types crowd around the Norris household. Action-movie alum Mark Bonner (Assassins Creed; Battlefield 1) shows his dry side as Rob’s world-weary buddy Chris, while Sharon’s brother Fergal (Jonathan Forbes) battles his own demons. It gives depth to an already rich cast.

The only problem that one can foresee with Catastrophe is the very short seasons. 6-episodes are all you get, so for the binge watchers, it could be a good thing. But for those who long for more, it’s a lesson in patience. Either way, we look forward to the hopes that season 3 will come our way, and maybe an extra episode?

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